Privacy Policy

AAA Credit Bureau Privacy Policy
It is part of our company's core values to properly value and protect any information entrusted to us about our customers and their applicants. This policy describes how we will safeguard personal and company information. We want our customers to feel confident and secure in their decision to use our services.
Privacy Policy paper — House Rental in Payson, AZ
It is our policy that
  • Our company will collect only that information about our customers and their applicants which is needed and relevant.
  • Our company will strive to make certain that sensitive information about our customers and their applicants is kept accurate and up to date.
  • Our company will meet all applicable requirements in properly protecting the information including
  • Laws
  • Regulations
  • Industry Standards
  • Contractual Commitments
  • The protections we apply to information assets will be in proportion to the value and sensitivity of the information, and we will balance the sensitivity of the information against
  • The cost of controls
  • The impact of the controls on the effectiveness of business operations
  • The risks of disclosure, modifications, destruction, or unauthorized use of the information
  • Our company will protect all types of sensitive information, including but not limited to
  • Credit
  • Financial
  • Business transaction
  • Personal Information of our employees, our customers and their applicant
  • Our company will not disclose information about our customers to outside parties.
  • Our company will ensure that these controls are accepted by all employees, vendors, service providers, representatives, and associates of our company who may have access to our information. This includes ensuring that all personnel are aware of, and are held accountable for safeguarding information assets.
  • Our company will ensure that access to information is controlled, and based upon, job function and need to know criteria.
  • Our company will maintain proper business continuity and security procedures, including systems information procedures, networks, resources, and business processes.
  • Our company will comply with other related policies as circumstances may warrant.
If you have any questions please contact:
Guy Pittman
AAA Credit Bureau
107 W Wade Lane Ste 6
Payson AZ, 85541