What do you know about your rental applicants?


AAA Credit Bureau has been providing screening reports since 1990. We provide service for individual landlords, property management companies, commercial property owners, and more. We have serviced over 11,000 members.
We offer several types of report packages: basic credit report information, criminal and eviction background reports, business credit reports, and a variety of others.
We have a unique way of doing business. We know that our customers appreciate a little guidance in trying to determine if the credit report information is good or not so good. So we fax or email the screening results along with an explanation of the contents of the reports, rather than leaving them to interpret the information themselves. We are available to answer any questions our customers may have regarding the information provided. We are not aware of any other company that provides this service. The fees for our services are quite competitive (see the Services page for a complete price listing). The fees for tenant screening for property rental can be passed on to the applicant.
Rental Agreement — House Rental in Payson, AZ
Thank you for inquiring about our services. Upon becoming a member you will be joining with many others who avoid future problems by relying on AAA Credit Bureau. Please call us at (800) 576-1111 if you have questions and one of our customer service representatives will be glad to help you.